Light Rail, Tee Rail, Crane Rail

Rail and Components

A.S.C.E. Rail, Crane Rail, Joint Bars, Clips and Hardware

Vossloh Track Material, Inc. carries a large and diverse inventory of rail sections (Crane, A.R.E.A., and light rail), joint bars, fasteners and mounting components that are used in industrial railroads and material handling applications such as electric overhead cranes. We work with our customers, especially those that have on-going rail requirements, to strategically locate and manage dedicated inventories, which can significantly reducing shipping costs and lead times.

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Light RailIQ RailCrane Rail
25 lb ASCE115 lb
AREA104 lb
30 lb
ASCE132 lb
AREA105 lb
35 lb
ASCE136 lb AREA135 lb
40 lb
ASCE  171 lb
60 lb
ASCE  175 lb CR
80 lb
85 lb ASCE    


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