For Ballasted, Concrete Tie Applications

W Systems – The Modern Solution for Ballasted Concrete Ties

W Systems

For ballasted concrete ties, Vossloh offers the perfect modern solution with the W System series. The W System series is a line of highly elastic fastening systems specifically developed to meet the rigorous standards of North American railroads. In Vossloh W systems, the shoulders of the concrete tie provide stability to the track and fastening system which allow for the transfer of forces generated by traffic. Furthermore, this highly elastic system absorbs vibrations, and avoids structure-borne noise caused by the rolling train. This allows the W fasteners to endure extreme conditions such as heavy axle loads, severe curves and wide temperature Fluctuations, such as -75° F to +120°.

The W 21 is the perfect solution for conventional speeds, and has been used in over 30 countries on a combined total of 1,900 track miles. The W 21 HS, or high speed, has been proven at speeds of up to 155 mph.

The W 40 is the premier elastic rail fastening system for heavy haul, designed to withstand extremely heavy carloads and maintain maximum stability through narrow bends and tight curves. The W 40 has been in service in North America since 2013 and is installed on roughly 200 track miles.

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