Products and Services

Vossloh North America companies offer a comprehensive portfolio of rail infrastructure solutions for all types of railroad transport including heavy haul freight, high speed and conventional rail, as well as passenger transit. We manufacture special trackwork, industrial track material, rail fastening systems, as well as signaling and switch control solutions. Vossloh is global leader in rail lifecycle solutions that ensure track safety and durability.

Rail and Components

Vossloh in North America carry a large and diverse inventory of rail sections (Crane, A.R.E.A., and light rail), joint bars, fasteners and mounting components that are used in industrial railroads and material handling applications such as electric overhead cranes.

Rail Fastening Systems

Vossloh has been producing safe, cost-efficient rail fastening systems for over 130 years. We offer fastening solutions for ballasted concrete ties and slab tracks, heavy haul, conventional and high speed rail, as well as urban transit systems.

Signaling and Switch Control Solutions

Vossloh Signaling, Inc. designs and manufactures signaling and switch control solutions that provide increased operational efficiency through a range of cost effective products and solutions.

Concrete Ties

Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties and turnout ties in North America, serving Class I, industrial, and transit railroads.

Concrete Crossing Panels

The crossing panels are designed for both timber and concrete crossties and are manufactured with a heavy steel angle frame and concrete with a high runoff coefficient.

Rail and turnouts maintenance

Our service portfolio for maintenance and preventive care offers coordinated and optimized use for all rail types. We ensure value maintenance and safety on modern railways through innovative grinding processes and milling technology.

Product finder

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