Market applications

Vossloh is focused on meeting the unique needs of each railroad market segment in North America, including Class I railroads, transits, and industrial railroads. Vossloh North America companies are integral suppliers to Class I railroads, and growing to meet their current and future needs. We are uniquely positioned to serve Class I railroads with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that are designed to withstand the demanding track conditions of North America. From extreme climates, to steep curves and gradations, Vossloh rail infrastructure products have a proven track record of performance and reliability. Vossloh is also a key partner to transit networks, well established in the passenger rail networks of the Northeast Corridor and in the subways, metros, and commuter lines of many other metropolitan areas. These references are the result of extensive engineering and design experience, well versed in the numerous track standards and unique track structure that define North American transit rail. Vossloh rail infrastructure products are designed with many innovative features that enhance transit networks including smoother ride quality reduced noise and vibration. In addition to traditional railroad markets, Vossloh serves the needs of industrial railroads as well as industries that require rail and trackwork for material handling. We offer cost effective solutions for short line and regional railroads. Vossloh is also an established supplier of rail and track material used in overhead crane runways, underground tunnels and mine sites.

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