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Update: Vossloh Fastening Systems GmbH - Measures concerning coronavirus

The current crisis faces us all with immense challenges.

In addition to the social and societal task of making a contribution to reducing the transmission of COVID-19, it is also important to remain economically healthy and capable of acting.

While our company continues to operate normally for the most part, the well-being of partners and employees is our top priority, which is why we as well have adopted the necessary measures to protect all of us in this constantly evolving situation.

An official statement of the management regarding the maintenance of the supply chain can be found here .

Vossloh Fastening Systems GmbH wishes you and all your employees and families all the best. Stay healthy!

Vossloh has been producing safe, cost-efficient rail fastening systems for over 130 years. We offer fastening solutions for ballasted concrete ties and slab tracks, heavy haul, conventional and high speed rail, as well as urban transit systems. These innovative fastening solutions not only offer peak standards for performance and safety, but they ultimately bring out the most value in overall rail infrastructure investment.

Vossloh rail fastening systems are designed to stand up to the most demanding track conditions in the world, from extreme climates and geographic landscapes, to highly trafficked lines that constantly withstand heavy carloads (over 75 MGTs annually). Vossloh rail fastening solutions are widely recognized and appreciated for its comparatively long service life and minimal lifecycle costs.

There are a number of efficiencies and cost saving attributes which minimize the total cost of ownership. The development and integration of advanced materials, such as composite plastics components replacing steel components (utilized in competitive systems); have significantly reduced the overall weight, thereby reducing shipping cost to the customer’s job site.

When it comes to installation, Vossloh makes it simple. Vossloh rail fastening systems can be preassembled in the factory with all of the pre-fabricated elements pieced together and the tension clamps in the pre-installation position (resting on grooves on the guide plate). At the construction site, the tension clamps are simply pushed into the correct position and tightened. No fastening elements need be removed for rail welding. Once in the field, Vossloh rail fastening systems are virtually maintenance free.

With our new production facility in McGregor (TX), equipped with state of the art production lines and an R&D center, Vossloh is committed to meeting the needs of North American railroads, now and into the future.


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