As a globally acting Group, Vossloh actively promotes diversity within its workforce. In 2021, the Company employed men and women from over 46 countries and with a wide range of qualification levels, education levels, vocational training paths, career experience and service years within all of its hierarchical levels. The French Vossloh sites participate in the nationwide TREMPLIN initiative (translated: springboard; abbreviation for TRansport EMPLoi INnovation). It aims to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the transport and logistics industry by encouraging and promoting applications from people with disabilities. Vossloh Rail Services offers internships and apprenticeships for socially disadvantaged young people as part of the NachwuchsCampus traineeship initiative. The trainees in this business unit also include several refugees. The Diversity and Inclusion Policy implemented as planned over the course of the current year will underlay the Group-wide framework for such initiatives in the future.

The following table shows some key HR indicators, which should be viewed in the context of Vossloh’s status as a global industrial manufacturing Group:

Vossloh Group workforce structure1 (as of 12/31)20212020
Proportion of women in total workforce as a %14.914.9
Age structure of employees as a %  
< 31 years 16.517.1
31-50 years53.354.3
> 50 years 30.228.6
Length of service of employees as a %  
0-10 years 59.260.2
11-20 years22.222.9
> 20 years 18.616.9
Employees by region as a %  
Germany 22.122.1
Rest of Europe30.929.5

1 Number of employees based on actual headcount.