Modular Yard Automation


North American railroads are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency. Automating switch movement at arrival and departure tracks has been one area that railroads have seen major efficiency gains. Vossloh is a North American leader in flat yard switching, with products that have become standards in the flat yards operations of Class I’s, regional railroads, and rail served terminals throughout North America.

Vossloh provides yard automation in the form of comprehensive, turnkey packages, as well as well as what we call modules, or product groups that provide specific functionality. Hence the Modular in Modular Yard Automation. As an offering, MYA can include all or a combination of the following components:
  • TS-4500 Hydraulic Switch Machine
  • Switch Circuit Controllers and Switch Occupancy Systems
  • Control Systems, DTMF or Push Button
  • Communication Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Control Kiosks
  • Yard Management Software

By offering automation as complete solutions, or in various combinations of modules, we can help our customers with their specific automation needs – be it an entire yard, or a single switch. The ease of use, and compatibility make Vossloh the perfect partner, with solutions that scalable over time.


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