About the Vossloh Group

With expertise developed over decades, Vossloh is a global leader in rail infrastructure and vital to the construction and maintenance of railroads all over the world. Our innovative portfolio features the most advanced track products to meet the complex challenges of modern railways, and comprehensive rail services to ensure sustainable performance throughout the entire lifecycle.

From three rail infrastructure divisions, Vossloh provides its customer integrated solutions under one roof, including switch systems, rail fastening systems, and rail services including maintenance solutions. Offering solutions that bundle the products and services of the entire Vossloh group is at the heart of our worldwide activities. To our customers, we bring the best overall solution and ensure proper fit and function, all from one source.

To support this promise, Vossloh is run as an integrated group, centrally managed by Vossloh AG to ensure a consistent and uniform face to the customer. The divisions work closely together in each market under the management of Vossloh AG, and benefit from the resources and support of the entire group. Vossloh AG is a publicly traded group committed to sound and sustainable corporate governance.

Our Image

Vossloh rail infrastructure solutions set performance benchmarks all over the world, and are standard on many rail networks. We work with all types of rail networks in vast corners of the globe, with vastly different needs. By leveraging our global expertise with local experience, Vossloh offers its customers integrated solutions wherever they, and from one source.

We are convinced that it’s not only important what you do but how you do it. For the Vossloh group, it’s shared convictions and values that guide our actions. Passion in what we are doing is a powerful feeling that drives us to surpass our competition. Our commitment to Excellence means no less than meeting our customers’ expectations, every time. And, it is an Entrepreneurial spirit that drives continuous improvement and innovation.

Our workforce embodies these values. We are proud of our extraordinarily skilled team, which includes many who have spent many decades in service to the company. We foster and promote an environment of trust and respect, centered on our core value of Safety. We are committed to a zero harm work environment with the full commitment, support and resources of the Vossloh Executive Board.

By continually expressing these values, internally and externally, Vossloh has developed numerous long-standing business relationships founded on trust and good collaboration. We will continue striving to bring the best solutions in accordance with our values, making Vossloh a reliable partner now and in and the future.

Our social responsibility

By offering innovative rail infrastructure solutions, Vossloh makes an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of goods.

We believe in the future of rail. We see rail hauling an ever increasing amount of goods in the global economy. We see the growing demand for individual mobility as urbanization continues and an increasing number of people will need access to individual mobility - as of 2007, more than half of all people in the world live in towns and cities. As the distance between living, working and leisure shifts, as roads and highways continue to congest it is mass transport systems that will sustain mobility.

We are challenged each day to make support modern railways by providing infrastructure solutions that are safe, cost efficient, and environmentally sustainable.