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We develop, design and manufacture trucks for hydraulic or electric power transmission in two- or three-axle configurations, suitable for various maximum speeds and different wheel-set load including disc or block brake systems.
The trucks are robust and easily maintainable. FEM computations allow us to produce a truck/chassis with an optimum weight. Running stability and comfort are optimized by the application of computerized calculations to meet present-day service conditions. This leads to considerably reduced rail-wheel forces, even in tight curves.
Due to Vossloh Locomotives suspension system featuring no sliding parts, an excellently matched primary suspension of the trucks and a wear-free guide system, the trucks meet the highest requirements with respect to reliability and running characteristics.

In conjunction with its optimized logistics system, Vossloh’s totally integrated production facility – as one of the most flexible and competitive within this field of manufacturing – achieves a production capacity of more than 800 trucks per year.